Captivate and engage visitors with an exhibition built from the toy of the century.  Warren Elsmore's tours of LEGO models have attracted more than half a million visitors across the globe. </P><P> Each tour is a carefully curated exhibition and a complete package, including delivery, installation, a full suite of marketing and engagement materials, and finally removal.


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A good exhibition is about more than just a collection of exhibits.  It's not enough to create something that makes visitors go "wow" - for five seconds.  Visitors want to be engaged, inspired, and discover something new.  That's the beauty of a Warren Elsmore LEGO model - it's exciting, but not unreachable.  There are no special parts - every LEGO brick is bought just like you can.  Each model is carefully crafted without cheating, and everyone can go home afterwards inspired to make their own creations.

Although each of our touring exhibitions is built from genuine LEGO bricks, that's just where we start. Our exhibitions are carefully planned with expert input to lead your visitors through engaging, educational stories.  We celebrate the versatility of LEGO bricks, from tiny models made of just a few pieces, to huge centrepieces that are remembered for years. Whether they are dinosaurs painstakingly checked against the latest discoveries by a palaeontologist, or suffragettes tied to a LEGO fence, we've invested the time and effort to reveal captivating topics in an informative and different way. 


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For more details on each of our touring exhibitions, just click the icon above. Or please, get in touch with us and we'll work with you to discuss what would work best in your space and for your audience.