In 2012, I was comissioned by Visit Denmark and the LEGO Group to create a stunning centrepiece to the Danish Hospitality house at the London Olympic Games.

The stadium project took 300hrs to build over a short timescale of 3 weeks. Around 250,000 bricks were used - the vast majority of which are '1x1' pieces - all very small and difficult to apply! An estimated 100,000 visitors saw the display and it acted as an attraction to the whole Danish village. Special guests included Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and her family, plus Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, owner of the LEGO Group. 

As well as extensive national and international press interest, the exhibit also attracted the 'London Ambassadors' - volunteers meeting and greeting tourist, who needed to be able to direct  global guests from all over London to 'that LEGO model we saw on the Internet'

Press coverage: