Staff from the LEGOLand Discovery Centre

Staff from the LEGOLand Discovery Centre

In 2011, I launched 'The LEGO Show' as the ultimate LEGO weekend for the ultimate LEGO fan!

AFOLCON brought the inside track to LEGO to the fan community, as an exclusive AFOL convention.

Attracting 10,000 to Manchester, the LEGO show is aimed at families with children of all ages. Attractions include;

  • Take part in special LEGO building workshops
  • Help us break the World Record for the largest LEGO image ever built
  • Meet real LEGO Designers
  • Watch our special LEGO cinema
  • Our LEGO museum will take you back in time
  • Shop in our special Brick Marketplace 
  • Exclusive LEGO sets will be on display
  • Meet a record breaking LEGO robot
  • See the amazing LEGO Fan displays
  • Build your own creations in the UK's largest LEGO play area!


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In 2012, The LEGO Show moved to London as 'BRICK - Built for LEGO fans'. 

Attracting over 47,000 visitors, BRICK quickly became the UK's largest LEGO event and one of the largest in the world! Fans came from around Europe to display their creations and exhibitors such as Warner Brothers, Intel, Dorling Kindersly and Toys R Us made it an unforgettable event. 

In 2015, BRICK launched in London and Birmingham and continues to grow! 

Amazing creations by LEGO fans