Brick History is a journey through pivotal moments in world history, modelled in LEGO® bricks by Warren Elsmore and his team of artists. Forget dry lists of kings or endless battles – this is history brought to life at a relatable, human level, featuring key figures from Mozart to Martin Luther King, scientific discoveries from the Big Bang to DNA, and recent history from mobile phones to the moon landings.


Many visitors will simply enjoy the LEGO models, from tiny recreations of Concorde and Titanic that would sit in your hand, to an impressive 1.5m square castle bustling with activity in periods of both peace and war.  For those who want to look deeper, the models are grouped in five themes, with large colourful interpretation panels. 


The Arts explores creativity from cave paintings to pop art.  Conflict moves from natural disasters like Pompeii, via Viking invasions, to disputes such as the Boston Tea Party.  Equality brings to life the struggles of slaves and suffragettes.  Exploration depicts discoveries and inventions that have changed our world, and Transport moves through railways and seafaring to flight.


LEGO bricks are unique in their appeal, having been a top-selling toy for over fifty years.  Our use of LEGO as an artistic medium gives an instant attraction to a wide range of audiences, both young and old, and inspires creativity while engaging visitors with history in its widest sense.  Brick History presents its models and dioramas in 34 custom-lit plinths, with integrated colourful interpretation panels, and eleven high-quality pieces of wall art.


Additional themed engagement activities are available for venues to hire, and to enhance links with venues’ existing attractions.  Brick History works especially well in venues with a historical connection or collection, and ties in with social history, science, visual arts, music and film, but it also works well as a self-contained attraction.  Many models are also featured in Warren’s popular Brick History book.

Upcoming Tour Dates

Future confirmed venues for our tours are shown below once publicity has been launched.  To inquire about booking Brick History for your venue, please contact us.