Come Backstage!

We tried to do this for about 5 years. While we might be based in Edinburgh, finding a venue we can take over in the busiest month of the year isn't easy. We came very close in 2015, but finally managed to make it happen during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017.  


For the whole month of August, Warren and the whole team worked on one BIG project - and invited the public to see us at work. We're often asked if people can come and visit us at our studio but sadly it's just not possible. So for one month only we packed up the whole studio and brought it Edinburghs' Royal Mile and the amazing Riddles Court.

Brick City - the Backstage Tour gave over 9000 people the opportunity to see some how a firm of master builders put their models together. First, visitors came into the historic Edinburgh building to see some of our very favourite models. These models are the ones that we keep in our offices. The ones we like to be surrounded by. The ones too fragile to move. The ones we can't bear to lend out to people!


Once you had a chance to look at our favourite models, it was time to enter our studio. Surrounded by tens of thousands of LEGO bricks - all meticulously arranged of course - you would meet our master builders. Warren, Kitty, Alastair, Guy, Rocco and Loic - working throughout August right in front of your eyes.

Think you'd seen everything? The best part was still yet to come! Once you'd torn yourself away from the studio it was time to go downstairs to see the Brick City we constructed during the month. Just imagine what you could do with an almost unlimited amount of LEGO bricks and sets? The team spent all of August building an enormous city display. Featuring an airport, beach, funfair, racetrack and so much more - this was the ultimate LEGO city display!