Would you like to buy a model from Brick City?

As you'll know from reading Brick City - I didn't design all the models in the book. There were some great pre-existing models and also a couple of great designers that I knew who would do really amazing things with a couple of the buildings.

One such builder is Alastair Disley, who did an stunning job of the Torre de Belem:

Torre de Belem (Lisbon) in LEGO

And the good news? Alastair has decided to put the model up for sale for charity!

Creations for Charity are now in their 5th year and have raised over $15,000 for underprivileged children. There are more details in this video. Each year, LEGO builders around the world donate models and you have the chance to buy them, with the funds going to a worthwhile cause.

So, if you'd like a little piece of Brick City for yourself, check out the store here and click on 'Newest' next to 'Show all custom items'  and you can see (and buy) the Torre. Remember, this is the original model that was photographed for the book and is totally unique!


*A message to my IT friends: Yes, the design of Bricklink is terrible and it looks like it was designed in the 90's. That's mainly because it probably was, but it's still the best resource we have for buying and selling bricks and sets. It is being worked on, so I'm told...