We're on the move!

Well, not quite - but we will be soon…

Since 2015, we’ve been based at a lovely business centre, just outside Edinburgh. Honestly - it’s really nice and has served us well. It’s the offices you would have seen pictures of whenever we’re in the press. Nice though it is, of course - it’s always better to have a place of your own. So please say hello to the new building that we have just bought!


Yes, that is a police station. Or rather, it was - now it’s our new home. OK, it’s not the prettiest building in the world, but we think it’s got a certain 1970s charm. More importantly though, having a permanent base that we own will allow us to convert the building to support a pretty unique business.

We’re going to try to document the renovations as we go along and to support that we’re also launching a whole new website. The name is temporary but the idea certainly isn’t - the building is big enough to allow us to rent out some upstairs rooms until we need them. So, please follow our journey at the new site, or on Youtube. It’s going to be an exciting few months!