Welcome to our new website!

OK, it's been a little while since we posted some news. But in our defence, it's been a busy year! We started by building the National Museum of Scotland, followed up with the amazing DFDS #LEGOShip, not to mention Brick Animals, Brick Cars'n'Trucks, Brick by Brick Space and Brick by Brick Dinosaurs. Oh, and launching the tours of Brick History and Brick Dinos. And of course Brick City and Brick Wonders carried on touring too. Phew!

If you followed any of those links above (or in fact, if you're reading this on the web) then you also can't have failed to notice our brand new website! We've still a few little corners that need ironing out but we couldn't wait to get it launched and also show our brand new branding too! Hopefully you like the blue :-)

Now that we're up and running we're going to add more and more details of what the team are upto. You can even see where our current Tours are on display (just look at the page for each tour) - live information from our own planning systems. I knew that IT knowledge would come in useful for something!

Oh - and one last thing. We're planning something VERY special for August this year. If you've met us at one of the local events recently you might have seen some flyers or posters for it. But that deserves its own blog post so I'll leave you pondering that - just for now......

Happy Building!


picture: Kitty in a mine on the Isle of Man, after we'd delivered a commission earlier this year. Not to the mine!

Warren Elsmore