We Banish Ransomware in Barcelona with LEGO!

Warren Elsmore is working with Commvault on Banishing Ransomware at the IT Expo in Barcelona and in London…

Commvault is one of the world’s leading providers of software and data protection and they came to Warren Elsmore Ltd to develop some LEGO models for use on their Exhibition Stand at both Barcelona and London IT expo events.

We were commissioned to develop two LEGO figures to work alongside a ‘pacman-style’ computer games for use at the Expo. The first figure is the Baddy - ‘Mr Ransomware’ but during the day and throughout the event Commvault deal with and destroy the Ransomware threat… The second figure is, of course, the Commvault Caped Crusader who saves the day! The figures are both built using the same parts, so that the Caped Crusader comes to lif as Mr Ransomware is destroyed.

The finished Caped Crusader sits atop a branded up-scaled 1x4 brick so they are a secure display piece for their winner’s desk. The highest scoring player of the pacman game won the LEGO Caped Crusader figure to take away. All players got their very own Commvault-branded LEGO brick Key ring.