UK NIGHT is back for Connect 13!

And there you all were wondering..... ;-)

Yes - UK NIGHT will be back at Connect 13 (the conference formally known as Lotusphere). We'll again be celebrating the best of the UK in Shula's lounge on Monday evening.

For those of you that don't know, UK NIGHT is an annual get together of UK IBMers, Business Partners and customers. And space is limited! We are sponsored by 10 of the best Business Partners in the business and we can only let 100 people in. So, you can do the maths!

For 2013 I would already like to thank;


And that's before I've even announced it! So, with 4 places gone I have 6 slots left. The format is simple, we ask for $500 and in return you get not only the UK's undying thanks - but also the special golden tickets to enter UK Night. Anyone that wants to come to UK NIGHT must get a ticket from you. How's that for an attractive offer?

Interested? All you need to do to add your name to my list is email me. It's that simple!


Make that 5 slots left! Thanks to ;


Will your company be number 6?

<UPDATE 2> And then there were 6 - so that's only 4 slots left, you've gotta act quick!Thankyou: 


6 becomes 7 - that's only 3 slots left... thanks to: