Truckin' to LEGOWorld Copenhagen

Yes, it's two weeks after Connect - so it must be time to be in another country entirely already! In fact, make that 5....

This week I'll be at LEGOWorld Copenhagen, exhibiting the Olympics display that was on show in London during the games. Sadly, pallet shipping to Denmark is really very, very expensive - so it's actually slightly easier and cheaper just to drive it there. All 1100 miles there.

So, on Sunday morning I left Edinburgh for Kent. On Monday, I drove from Kent to the tunnel, through that - through France, Belgium (right past the BLUG Antwerp hotel), The Netherlands and into Germany and upto Bremen. Today was Bremen to the port, onto a ferry and then over into Denmark and finally Copenhagen. I'm a little tired :-)

To put that in perspective - it's about the same as driving from Miami to Houston. Or New York to Orlando. Which has given me the exciting opportunity to realise a few things:

  1. Europe is really quite big. Quite big indeed.
  2. The A1 in Germany has finally finished the roadworks that have been going for 4 years!
  3. The A1 in Germany is now very boring
  4. The EU driving regs of 4.5hrs on / 45mins off make alot of sense.
  5. Having your windscreen wiper come loose on the M25 in snow is not fun
  6. Letting your dogs run free from a car parked on the hard shoulder is a recipe for disaster. Lucky dogs, that's all I can say!

Anyway - if you are in Copenhagen - come say hello! We're at the BellaCenter from Thursday to Sunday. If not, I shall post many pictures etc ;-)