The snow must go on!

Very pretty, but very cold!

Very pretty, but very cold!


We've just installed Brick Dinos into Kirkleatham Museum, Redcar despite the Beast from the East dropping lots of snow on us. It hasn't stopped us yet, but it has meant we've had to stay put in our hotel in Guisborough for a little longer than planned. 

Things could be a lot worse though; our hotel is attached to a great pub - the Cross Keys Inn - and they have been stars; looking after us brilliantly, keeping up fed and watered, warm and safe.

Snow has not stopped play! To see how our Dinos like it, head on over to Kirkleatham Museum from Saturday 3rd March to catch a glimpse of our Jurassic past. Don't worry their bark is much worse than their bite!

If you'd like more details of Brick Dinos at Kirkleatham, the GazetteLive took a closer look.