The Gutenberg Press

I get asked for instructions for many of the large diorama models in my books all the time. Usually, it's a fairly simple answer and I'm afraid that answer is no! With models like St Pancras (yes, I've been asked for instructions for that) using 100s of thousands of bricks - it's simply just not practicable to create instructions. 

However, this week I was asked on email (my details are on the contact page) about the Gutenberg Press model - which is actually a pretty small build. Now, I'd looked up the page in the book and I'll be honest - I couldn't work out how I built it myself at first! I originally buily that model in the summer of 2013 - a lot has happened since then!

However, it seems I took the time to create an ldraw model of the build at the time, so here you go - an added spring bonus set of instructions! Thanks to the AFOL that emailed me, I'm always very happy to receive emails from readers of my books and if I can help you out - I will!

Warren Elsmore