The Elsmore 2013 Grand Tour - wrapup


I feel in need of closure -  It's been a but busy since the last post! 

From Montreal, we drove back to Boston via New York State. Via a very long route in New York State it turned out. Oops. Hey, we got to see Lake Placid and a very cool little family run Ice Cream parlour though.  

In fact though, that was very much the reason for the road trip. As many times as Kitty and I have been in the states, we've always been there to do 'things', even if 'things' are just hanging out with existing friends. So, this time we wanted to get off the beaten track and just drive around the US and see what we found. We should do more of that! 

Our road trip ended us up in Keene, NH. Purely because it was kinda on the way and because there was a Courtyard by Marriot for which I had points. Having said that, compared to our '5 star' sofitel, the far, FAR cheaper Courtyard blew it out of the water for friendly, helpful staff. The food wasn't bad either. Hey ho.

The next day we continued into Boston for the reason behind this whole trip - our cousin Ians' wedding to Laura. Why in Boston? Well, although they met in London, Laura is from the other side of the pond. So, whilst our LEGO friends were partying in Skaerbaek and Alan was being married in Toronto - we were attending a small family wedding in a local church in suburban Boston :-) More pictures here. Those of you that have met Kittys' family know that they are a rather unique bunch - I think they met their match!

After a heavy night of cocktails, we woke up in Boston to a strange Tripit message, telling me that it was less than 24 hours to fly - so we could now check in. But we fly tomorrow, don't we? Uh uh.... 

Hence the cancelled drinks and rush home - muppet here had the dates wrong to fly back! So, we rushed around Boston doing shopping we thought we had a whole day for, out to the airport, back to Reykjavic, then Glasgow, then Edinburgh. And sleep!

We then had one more trip to make. First to Nottingham: 


Say hello to Bella - my first niece! Yes, I'm now Uncle Warren and feeling old about it. Bella, though, it taking it all in her stride and her mum is doing well too. Needless to say, my parents are completely made up about being grandparents too.

So, a night in Nottingham and then onwards to Swindon for the clubs' biggest annual LEGO show. I'll let the video speak for itself on that one: 

And then on Monday, over to London to collect 18 display plinths and back to Edinburgh and back to work. 


It's been a fabulous three weeks - a break that we've needed for a very long time. Of course, nothing is perfect so the timing meant we had to miss two other great events. My cocked up planning meant we missed meeting lots of our US friends. But all in all, it was a great, great break. Now though, it's back to work with a vengeance. I've two shows to get out the door in the next 3 weeks, a book to finalise, an IT project to deliver and another build project to start. Oh yes, and I *promise* to review the Canon 70D too. Whens' the next holiday? ;-)