The 2013 Elsmore Grand tour - roadtrip!

We last left you in Iceland, as the sun was setting on a great few days there... 

Sunset in Iceland

Well, all good things must come to an end, so on Monday we checked out of the apartment, had one last Icelandic lunch (VERY salty, sadly) and made our way to the airport. 5 1/2 hours later, we arrived at Boston

<Rant Mode> 

Excuse me for ons second whilst I rant - but Massport / CBP / whoever - you SUCK. 2hrs in line for customs, largely because out of 40 lines, only 15 or so were open. And it wasn't just us either, the line was that long when we finally left. It's not like I've never been to the US before and you don't already know who I am now, is it? Suffice to say, we won't be flying into Logan again. Newark might not be pretty, but it's efficient at least.

<Rant off> 

Anyway... after finally getting to Hertz (where the Gold car had already been put away - see above) we picked up a nice starship Buick. Seriously, way too many buttons, drives like a boat and 2 LCD screens.  Sadly though, the Buicks' tax would run out before we returned - so it was back again to pick up a Nissan instead. Hey ho.

One brief night in a four points in Manchester (very good value indeed, an ideal way to spend Dolphin gained Starwood rewards)  and we hit the road. Tuesdays' agenda - New Hampshire, Vermont, New York State and finally, Montreal.

Vermont countryside

Of course, we weren't trying to 'do' all those states, but it made a nice route up to Canada. And of course, that meant that we got to visit; 

Ben & Jerrys

Nom, nom and thrice nom :-) Leaving Vermont, we decided to take the scenic route across Lake Champlain and into New York state, which would mean an easier freeway once we were in Canada. That was a good call too as the weather really was stunning; 

Lake Champlain

And also because we (purely by chance) passed an Airstream dealership. Now, who wouldn't want to take photos of these beauties? A big thankyou to Nomad Airstream for just letting us turn up and photograph them. And especially to the staff member who was tidying up for the night and let us take a look inside. I could seriously be converted to caravanning if this is what we were towing!

Inside a brand new airstream (only $89,900....)

Anyway, by now the sun was setting so if was off to Canada. A SIMPLE border crossing into Canada and we arrived at the Sofitel in Montreal last night. C'est tres Francais ici. 90,000 Avios points blown on 3 nights in a 5 star hotel but hey - a  little luxury is allowed now and then, surely?  Dinner was very, very nice!

The new Flickr set is up here and today it's out to Montreal to explore. Slowly, probably. There was alot of wine consumed last night!