Product Review – LEGO MOVIE Storage Brick, extra small, orange.

We don't often do reviews, but the kind people at A Place for Everything were good enough to send us a storage brick, so I asked Kitty to review it;


The LEGO MOVIE Storage bricks are a great addition to the LEGO Storage Bricks range. They give us some new colours; my personal favourite is Emmet’s signature Orange, which adds nicely to the rainbow now available.


Their construction is sturdy, the ridges on the interior wall and the finger-grips make them very easy open and close. They also use the archetypal stud-and-tube configuration allowing the Storage bricks to be stacked safely for brilliant space-saving storage.


As AFOLS (Adult Fans of LEGO) these bricks really appeal to us, letting us express our fandom in our home décor as well as giving us somewhere to store those extra-special pieces.


For our work in the event and corporate worlds these bricks are the perfect way to showcase our LEGO pieces when we are working for clients: a great front-of-house medium which really helps emphasise that we are working with LEGO elements.


There are two minor niggles with these bricks, but these are nothing new and are the same for all the LEGO Storage bricks. The interior capacity is less than you might imagine when looking at a closed brick - a result of their being able to stack for multiple-storage - so you do need to consider what you want to store in them and check it will fit before purchasing. Secondly, there is a small circular channel in the interior-base of the brick which very small LEGO elements can get lodged in; not impossible to rescue, but it does require some dexterity and an external tool like a toothpick or similar.


Despite these – truly minor – niggles we simply love the LEGO Storage Bricks and would highly recommend them to LEGO fans of all ages.



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Payment: Free / For review

Guest blogged by Teresa Elsmore

Warren Elsmore