Penumbra signs on for UK NIGHT

That's it, folks - all 10 sponsorship slots are gone. The kind people at Penumbra have taken up the last UK NIGHT sponsorship place so we have a full house!

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 09.40.19.png

Penumbra was formed in 1995, as a group of primarily smaller Business Partner firms seeking to collaborate and to share skills, knowledge and opportunities. Currently Penumbra comprises 20 business partner firms, throughout the US and Europe, with expertise across the IBM Collaboration Solutions product range. The Penumbra members are delighted, as well as hosting Penumbra's own events at Connect 2013, to be for the first time sponsoring 'UK Night'.

SO - here is the deal, as always. UKLUG have booked out the bar at Shulas (in the Dolphin Hotel) from 8pm - 10pm on Monday 28th January. That's immediately after the Connect showcase reception. Drinks are on us as a thank you from some kind sponsors to the customers.

TO GET IN - you need two things. One is an English accent (no Mary Poppins' versions allowed). The second is a UKLUG sticker on your badge. These will not be available on the door. To get a sticker, you need to visit one of our generous sponsors who will place a sticker on your badge. These are:

London Developer Co-Op
Instant Technologies
TC Soft Consulting
The Turtle Partnership
and finally, Penumbra.

I would suggest that you make friends with all these people as soon as you get to Orlando! A hint: many of them have showcase pedestals, why not visit them on the show floor as soon as it opens?

Warren Elsmore1 Comment