No LEGO Show for 2013

I've just posted on The LEGO Show site to confirm that we won't be running The LEGO Show in 2013. Many (many!) people have been asking for an update on this, and I'm sorry it hasn't happened sooner really.

2013 is already shaping up to be an exceptionally busy year for me. Organising a show like The LEGO Show is a huge undertaking and if we were to be running a show in May, we'd already need to be selling tickets by now. Sadly, that isn't going to happen this year - but it does give me the extra time necessary to work on a few other ideas we're looking at this year and come back for a bigger and better show in the future. The other major factor is that my book is released in May! So I'm already having meetings with the publishers about publicity for that. Doing both things in the same month just isn't feasible.

I've also posted on the AFOLCON site to say that, yes, we hope to run AFOLCON this year. More details on that one as we have it....

Warren Elsmore