New toys - Galaxy S4 and Bluetooth Remote.

It's been a while, hasn't it? Well, new toys have arrived at Elsmore towers because the old ones are, well, dead.

Last week I took delivery of a Samsung Galaxy S4. The old phone (a Galaxy S2) really had 'had it' and a new one was required. Verdict so far? Very, very nice indeed. Yes, it's not an iPhone. I don't like iPhones. Really, I don't - I've used Kittys' enough to know that some people like them, some don't. Even the home screen for me is boring.


Anyway, it's also quite stupidly clever. It won't ever turn off the screen whilst I'm looking at it. I can scroll websites up and down just by looking up and down. I don't need to touch the screen to make some gestures (so yes, it works with gloves on). It's rocket ship fast and the large screen is GORGEOUS. A good choice :)


The other new toy this week is a Satechi Bluetooth remote. I've never really used a presentation remote before - I've not had to as I'm always somewhere near my laptop. However, when I gave a short talk for the book launch my laptop had to be next to the projector. I tried Kittys' iPhone as a Keynote remote - that promptly crashed 3 slides in and I ended up using an 8yr old boy who sat next to the laptop my co-incidence. Thanks!

Not having an 8yr old child with me every time I present, I decided that I really should get a remote clicker. I looked at lots, and this is by far not the cheapest. However, it's bluetooth (cool), rechargeable (handy), works with iPads (not useful to me at all) and lets you control not only forward, back, but also blank, stop and even has a keypad to select individual slides. Very nice indeed.

It can even control iTunes too, so bonus points for that :-) The only slight downside is that is recharges via mini usb - not micro. That's quite a PITA as it makes it my only mini usb device. But I can live with that. All I need now are some more speaking invites ;-)