New Chapter

I have news :-)

The 14th November will be my last day with Bluewave.

12 years ago I joined GE Capital IT Solutions as a Collaboration consultant. After a couple of years, GECITS was bought by Computacenter. After a few more  years at CC, they decided not to have a Lotus practice anymore and so I left to start up BE Systems. After a couple of years of BE, we sold the company into Bluewave 5 years ago. After 12 years, in just two weeks time I'll be leaving for pastures new.

So, where am I  going? Well, no-where! I don't have a new employer lined up and to be honest, I'm not looking for one. I've still got to pay the bills of course, but it's time to go it alone and become independent and devote more time to other parts of my career.

Of course, the first project is 'Brick City' - my book, due out next spring. There's more details on the 'Brick City' page of course, but what I haven't put there is that the book has already been pre-sold into three continents now and there are (literally) tens of thousands of copies en-route to the shelves. Available in all good book shops, as they say! So at least for the remainder of 2012 I'm going to be very busy.

But what for 2013?

I'll be honest about next year and say that I don't know. I'm certainly not leaving IT altogether. There are still lots of Domino, Enterprise Vault and who-knows-what customers out there who I still intend on working with! UKLUG will certainly carry on - in fact I'll be able to devote more time to it! BUT - I am adding something pretty large to the portfolio.

It should be pretty obvious from this site, but in case you didn't know it - I am available to hire as a LEGO artist and event manager. In 2013 I am certainly looking to run more shows, deliver more commercial projects with LEGO, create more art, run an Edinburgh festival show and, well, who knows what. Either way round I'll be concentrating more on professional LEGO building and trying to build a business there.

I've spent 12 years flying around the country and staying in hotels. Whilst I don't suppose that will ever cease entirely (and I'd prefer it didn't!), this is the time to ratchet it back a little and spend more time on the things that I love. Of course, this might be the biggest mistake I've ever made. But my gut tells me not. And if you ever need a LEGO artist or a kick-ass Domino administrator, then you now know where to come (hint: it's ;-) )

PS: Since it's been 12 years since I've really left a company I shall be having a leaving party! Mark the 13th November in London in your diary. All are welcome and I'll be posting location details just as soon as I've chosen one...