Is your business at Connect 13? Looking for a GREAT way to entertain clients?

If so, you'll be pleased to hear that I still have 3 places left for sponsorship of UK NIGHT. Unashamedly (and from a completely unbiased source) the best event of Lotus-Connect-o-sphere!

The format is simple. The nation best known for running bars (ie, us, the British), take over Shulas bar for one evening. The bar tab is covered and you ge the change to invite your best customers in for a drink or three. Entry is by INVITATION ONLY and your company will be giving out those invites. So expect alot of leads as soon as you arrive ;-)

What will this amazing marketing opportunity cost you? Only $500. You could spend more than that at the bar anyway..... To get involved with UK NIGHT (and remember that you don't have to be a British company), just email me: and we'll sign you up! There are just three weeks left....


I told you those places don't last long. Please welcome the Turtle Partnership to the party!

Warren Elsmore