ICON UK Call for Abstracts is OPEN - have you submitted yet?

I guess you might have missed it with the new name announcement and all the other excitement, so this is just a little reminder:

ICON UK call for Abstracts is OPEN!

Yes, as in previous years, we're asking the best and the brightest in the industry (that's you!) to step forward and submit abstracts to speak at ICON UK. If you have spent your life creating Domino admin best practices, finally got your head round migrating content into Websphere, connected Tivoli with Active Directory or really, anything interesting - then we want to hear from you. We especially want to hear about case studies too. Just upgraded? Come along and tell us how, where and why. 

Presenting at ICON UK is a great way to promote yourself and your talents. Whether you're an independent consultant or in a permanent position, saying that you're spoken at an international conference is going to boost your standing. It's also an ideal first step to get yourself on the 'speaker circuit'. Many of the Connect speakers started out speaking at their local user groups, so why don't you? 

First timer?

If you've never spoken at a user group before, don't be afraid! Here's a quick low-down on the process.

Firstly, you'll need to submit an abstract. Matt White wrote an excellent blog piece on this the other week. Remember, you don't have to limit yourself to the traditional products. Anything IBM software related goes. If you've got a good idea, but don't know how best to phrase it - don't worry. The team here are ready to help. Just connect with us and we'll work with you to make it shine.

The next step is to write your slide deck. We'll provide you with a template you can use, no need to worry there, and then you can start writing your slides. Everyone does this differently but again - if you need help, it's there to be had. You'll recognise all the names involved with ICON UK and we've all been speaking for a long time. So we know what works well and what.... doesn't! ;-)

Finally, when you get to ICON UK, you'll be treated like a god! Well, maybe not quite - but your badge will proudly proclaim 'Speaker' and there are always a few little extras that go along with speaking at the event too. Of course, you'll need to give your presentation - about 45 minutes of slides and 15 minutes of Q&A is good - but everything you need will be provided. We'll make sure the A/V works, mic you up if needed and make sure you have an attentive audience. All you need do is talk and they are a friendly bunch I promise you.

That's really all there is to it. So, if you haven't submitted an abstract yet, why not? The call for abstracts is open until the 30th JUNE so you still have some time yet. We'd love to see our old favourites return, but even better are new speakers. So if you've not done so yet, why not try it out in 2013?