Home time...

Well, that was it. My last day at Bluewave, and probably fittingly, I was onsite with a client in London.

So... what next? Well, this post is almost by way of an apology. What is next is the book. SOLIDY. I did a recap of the spreadsheet today and I have alot of models still to make. Within the next month I have to produce three models a day - seven days a week.

Thinking about it though, that probably doesn't mean much to many of you. So here's what is actually involved. I take a building that we've settled on - Westminster Abbey for instance:

Mini Westminster Abbey

Mini Westminster Abbey

Next, I have to research the building and decide just how it's going to be built in LEGO. Then design it (using pretty much only current parts so that YOU can build it too!), draft it up in CAD, create instructions, check the instructions work, source the parts, build the model and get it to the photographer. Three times a day ;-)

And the apology? Well, that's because I do intend on blogging more often. Except not for the next few weeks. They're going to be a bit busy! Normal, sporadic, service will resume in mid-December. Probably :-)