Helter Skelter!

You might know it as a 'Skyslide'. Or perhaps not at all, because apparently these particular fairground rides are not common outside the UK. Well, our minifigs have got one on and they plan on enjoying it!

The Helter Skelter wasn't an easy build, but it's the first building that I finished for The Backstage Tour. Circles in LEGO can be pretty tricky, but large cones even more so. To build this ride I first created the top part in a big ring. Underneath that (you can't see it now) are plates with bars and each side of the cone connects in with plates with clips.

The eagle-eyed amongst you might also notice something that isn't LEGO in there. In the picture you can spot the lights on each corner of the cone - but these aren't just lights. Using something called EL wire, I gave it a little something when it gets dark..... Here's a sneak peak!