Happy halloween!

Just in case you hadn't noticed, it's halloween tonight - that time of the year when it seems that everyone has scary makeup on, a special discount and the chocolate runs freely :-)

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

I'll admit that we don't tend to celebrate halloween much at the office, but of course we are asked to create some halloween features out of LEGO from time to time. Like this LEGO pumpkin monster... I've no idea who we got to model that one!

Big pumpkins set us thinking though - what about those minifigs - where are they going to get their pumpkins from to carve? As luck would have it, it turned out that we had a pumpkin patch in our very own garden. 

Last month, Teresa build a LEGO model of a walled garden that you might have seen at The Great Western Brick Show in Swindon. That included a vegetable patch with a couple of growing pumpkins. If you've ever wanted to add a few to your minifigs' garden - then this is one way of doing just that!

For Teresa's pumpkin you'll need just 6 parts. She's used an orange minifig head itself for the pumpkin, 2 green '1x1 round plates with tab' which are often used as flowers. You should be able to find the plant piece easily and then we've held it all together with a green neck bracket and a green 'horn' (which you will find lots of in the new Ninjago Destiny's bounty). The finished article looks a bit like this:


And if you'd like to build a pumpkin like this yourself, then we've made a simple set of instructions to follow. Just remember to make sure your minifigs tend to them to grow them nice and juicy!


Click to download!

Warren Elsmore