Goodbye UKLUG Ltd, hello Warren Elsmore Ltd!

If you're reading this and thinking 'what on earth is UKLUG Ltd?', then you're not alone. Don't worry though - you won't ever have to hear about it anymore! ;-) Here's and email we're just sent out to all of our current customers;


Over the last 7 years, UKLUG Limited has have gone from strength to strength and that is thanks to you, our customers and suppliers. We originally started back in 2009, organising an event called the ‘Lotus User Group’ (hence the name) but we’ve moved on quite a lot since then. Our founder, Warren Elsmore, moved into working with LEGO bricks full time 4 years ago and since then we’ve released numerous books about LEGO, ran the huge BRICK events and of course built a lot of LEGO models along the way!

It’s been a great ride and we’re thoroughly enjoying doing what we do. And that’s the point of this email. We’ve evolved quite a bit over the years and so it’s now time to change the company name to better reflect what we do now: goodbye UKLUG Ltd, hello Warren Elsmore Ltd!

As of this week, it’s become official with the seal of approval from Companies House and we’ll soon begin rolling it out across our full portfolio, including our two new Touring Exhibitions: Brick History and Brick by Brick Dinosaurs, both available from January 2017.

All of our other contact details and information remain the same and it’s exactly the same team here that you’ll be working with, we’re just going to start using the name you’re all familiar with anyway. So if you have a contract with us at the moment (thank you!) then all you we’d ask is you update your records with our new company name. Everything else remains the same. And if you don’t have a current contract with us, well, we’re sure we can talk to you about that!


Warren, Teresa, Alastair and Guy.


So there you go - just a technical change really, making our company name reflect who we are. But we thought it was an important thing to do. Things have changed a lot in the last 7 years - I wonder what the next 7 are going to bring?