Did someone say 'Custom Models'? Now you can get your very own Edinburgh Castle in LEGO!

We don't do them very often, but when we do.... ;-)

Released today is our limited edition model of Edinburgh Castle - made entirely from LEGO bricks. More details here. It's been a long time coming, this model and I'll be honest - it wasn't an easy thing to design!

Edinburgh Castle.png

We were approached by Historic Environment Scotland almost a year ago now to see if a custom model of the castle would be possible. Of course, anything is possible in LEGO bricks - but the question is, would it really work? Edinburgh Castle is old. Very, very old. So there's no overall design to the site, it's extremely fluid and organic. This meant that making an easily recognisable model of the castle was not going to be an easy task. 

We looked at if we would build just the iconic entrance, maybe only the upper level, do we 'chibli' the build? In the end, everyone had a go at a prototype design, we picked the best parts of each build and we finally came up with the finished model. We also took the opportunity to design a brand new retail box, custom slipcover and of course high quality printed instructions. Lots of picking, packing and signing (yes, I signed every single one) and they are finally on the shelves!

As these are limited edition and on sale within the Castle itself as well as on-line, if you want one I would probably suggest not waiting too long. And of course if you'd like a custom model of your very own design - well, you know who to call!