Dander Supporters update - day 3

Well, it's day 3 of the Dander support now. I may break out the camera this afternoon again ;-)

A quick update on where we are though. Here's a quick map from trackme, which is tracking the support van - not the walkers:

Why the van? Well, this is set to update about once a minute. See the long straight lines? Well, the roads aren't that good - it's just the poor reception we're getting uploading the data. Not just bad phone signals (lots of them), non existent data signals (LOADS of them) - but even lack of GPS coverage against some of the drops. So trying to track the walkers themselves is... interesting!

The team are currently somewhere to the west of our position above, sadly minus a couple of members who been stretchered off (well, not really - sore feet etc ;-) ). It also poured it down this morning.

Why do this? To raise money for a very good cause. We're only just past halfway so please: GIVE US YOU *^W*&£$ing  MONEY! Anything you can spare!

Warren Elsmore