(A slightly belated) welcome to our newest team member!


OK, it's entirely possible that you might have already met our latest employee, Dr Kirsten Bedigan, before. In fact, she was the first person to start working with Warren back in 2013!

So why are we posting this now? Well, after 4 years of working for us on and off, we're very happy to say that as from the start of this year - Kirsten has joined us as a permanent employee!


Kirsten has worked on a number of projects already - the Brick Wonders book, a bridge, the airport (twice), a Dinosaur and most recently quite a lot of fish! She studied, however, in ancient history and archaeology - making her the second person in the company to obtain a doctorate (hint: the other one isn't Warren!). 

We're all really happy to have Kirsten on board and I'm sure you'll see more of her soon!

Warren Elsmore