Rounding the corner and into the final straight....

Well, almost! Only 5 days to go of the 19 days I've been in London so we must be nearly finished, right?

It's been a long few weeks here in St Katherine Docks. Rewarding certainly, but for those of you that have manned a sponsor stand before - imagine a 19 day show of 12hr days. With half your audience as children.

Actually, as hellish as I might have made that sound, the real difference here is that every 5 minutes someone screams 'wow!' or 'cool' or just stands there with their mouth open. Then of course there are the children too ;-) So I really have felt that the effort has been worthwhile. It's been great to be part London during the Olympics too. I've already lost count of the number of London Ambassadors (volunteers working for the Mayor, showing people around), Games Makers (volunteers working at the games) and friendly policemen I've met. Everyone in London has a smile on their face and is being friendly - even when tourists do just stop in front of the ticket gates!

The other thing that I'm very glad about is that the new website is holding up OK with the traffic. I've had quite alot of press coverage so far, so hopefully people are getting to know my name. Did I hear someone say 'commission'...? ;-)

Warren Elsmore