A weekend with nothing to do? What madness is this?

Well OK, not exactly nothing to do. We did pop out to the van to secure some boxes down. But, two lie-ins together? Lounging around all Sunday morning reading books? Madness, Madness I say!

Actually, it's not that we don't have anything to do (I have a book to write for one thing), but this weekend is the only one we've had free to ourselves since - well I can't remember when. May came and went, then there was June and a holiday, July saw us building madly for the Olympics. And then the Olympics. And next week we prep for UKLUG....

So this week is a break before... the Olympic park display goes back to London! As soon as I sat down on Monday night, I opened an email from the GB Paralympic team asking if the Olympic park could go on display in their HQ during the Paralympics. That's not really a request I could say no to. So on Wednesday night I'll be back in Stratford installing the display. After I've been to Denmark for 2 days and in London for one.

Hence, when we get a weekend - we take it :)

Warren Elsmore