The Project:


The Client:




The Brief:

Noticing a gap in the UK market for both a major public LEGO event and a LEGO fan centered event, Warren Elsmore launched AFOLCON (Adult Fan of LEGO CONvention) and The LEGO Show in 2011. Running in conjunction, AFOLCON is designed to give LEGO fans the 'inside track' on the product development process whilst meeting and networking with other such fans. The LEGO Show gives fans the opportunity to present their creations to the largest public audience in the UK.

The Proposal:

AFOLCON is organised in a standard conference format, with an opening session from a LEGO executive, followed by breakout sessions from LEGO, Merlin, Warner Brothers and other companies in the LEGO ecosystem. The conference runs over two days, with additional evening events throughout the weekend.

The LEGO Show is the largest public LEGO event in the UK, and the only UK event licensed by LEGO UK to use the LEGO brand image. Running over three days, the show is aimed at the general public and includes fan displays, LEGO product displays, interactive builds and a retail experience.

The Result:

AFOLCON launched in 2011 with 50 attendees and quickly grew to over 100 attendees the next year. Feedback from the delegates has been universally positive which has been reflected by the support given by The LEGO Group. LEGO Executive Vice President, Mads Nipper opened the 2012 event and each year the show has carried exclusive set or product range releases.

By 2012 The LEGO Show attracted 10,000 members of the public to a 6000sq meter venue over three days. The show was widely acclaimed to be a huge success and gained a NPS of 70.2. 85.8% of all visitors would definitely return to the show. Special events such as a Guinness World Record breaking mosaic and the global premier of LEGO Batman II captured the interest of the public. A national PR campaign reached approximately 10% of the UK population with a joint promotion carried by a national newspaper.