IBM Lotus General Manager, Bob Picciano

IBM Lotus General Manager, Bob Picciano


Bringing us together

The UK Lotus User group is a professional conference event, bringing together IBM and their business partners and customers. Since 2007, this event has been organised by Warren Elsmore with the aid of his fantastic team of volunteers.

A different way of working

Unlike most major conferences, UKLUG is a free to attend event, meaning that the total event budget is raised through corporate sponsorship each year. This fund raising is a major component of the support that Warren is able to give. The delivery of UKLUG is seen as a gold standard within the IBM user group community.

Building a community

In addition to the annual event, UKLUG as a brand is promoted through IBM organised events and local meetings. Members are encouraged to join the community through a sponsored dinner at the global IBM conference, IBM Connect.

UKLUG was, to put it simply, the most professional LUG conference I have been to. Brilliant logistics, excellent food, everyone taken care of, great sessions, fantastic atmosphere, and a speaker list that you would only see at the biggest IBM conferences”
— Paul Mooney