The Project:

Connect 2013

The Client:

Teamstudio LLC


Approx £6000

The Brief:

IBM Connect is a global conference, drawing over 6000 attendees from around the globe. In addition to IBM, many of IBM's business partners also attend the event and have a presence on the show floor.
Teamstudio wished to create a unique draw to their stand, by having not only unique LEGO element giveaways but also an interactive element and major attractor.

The Proposal:

To create unique giveaways, printed LEGO elements were supplied to Teamstudio. A combination of printed LEGO minifigures, printed LEGO bricks and tiles were available as general giveaways. In addition, a limited edition LEGO tablet was designed and supplied, to be given to high profile leads.

To create an eye-catching centrepiece, a 90cm x 30cm tablet computer was re-created from LEGO. This included the companies' own application icons and was visible from across the showfloor. At the end of the event, this was given away to one lucky attendee, based on a business card draw.

To generate interest at the stand and separate the trade stand from its' neighbours, Warren Elsmore was present on the stand throughout the entire event. Each day, a topic was chosen and an item from that topic was created during the day. These items were also given away based upon a business card draw.

The Result:

The eye-catching nature of a large LEGO art piece ensured that the traffic to the show stand was significantly increased. Combined with an artist in residence, attendees were drawn to the stand and stayed at the stand. This increased both the quantity and quality of leads.

Using the LEGO art pieces as prizes ensured that an increased number of people gave their details to Teamstudio, to be entered into the draw. This created a sense of excitement around the company and product and again increased the leads taken.