The Project:

RM Donaldson Conference

The Client:

RM Donaldson


Approx £2500

The Brief:

RM Donaldson are a supplier of Power and Cooling equipment, for the IT industry. As part of a major event that they held for their customers, they wanted both an interactive component to entertain prospects as well as a single set piece that would work well for social media. In addition, they wanted to provide each delegate with a memorable giveaway.

The Proposal:

The proposal was to re-create the company logo in LEGO bricks. Using a combination of LEGO modelling and some custom printing, both the bold nature of the logo and the fine lines of the title were achieved. To add the interactive component, the model was built, live, at the event. Warren Elsmore talked to the delegates about the process and their day, increasing interest in the companies' products. 

Each delegate would receive a custom LEGO minifigure that they could take away. 

The Result:

The LEGO logo was created and fully glued, so that it can be transported to other events. This has been so popular that now RM Donaldson use the logo at many events throughout the UK and they have standardised on a custom LEGO minifig as a giveaway. To keep the brand fresh though, each event uses a different minifig so that their customers can 'collect the set'


RMD figure front.jpg
Riello Figure Back.jpg