The Project:

'New Town' - TV drama

The Client:

Pirate Productions for BBC 4


Approx £1000

The Brief:

'New Town' is a drama set in Edinburgh's New Town area. Starry architects Purves and Pekkala are offered the chance to redesign a Georgian church, but when the head of Scottish Heritage falls from the church tower in a mysterious accident, it becomes a question of whether he fell or was pushed. Staring Mark Gatiss (League of Gentlemen, Doctor Who) and Omid Djalili (Gladiator, the Mummy), the film aimed to showcase local art and artists as part of the storyline

The Proposal:

The central storyline involved the death of a character from the top of a well known local church. This scene would be re-enacted by the main characters' son in his bedroom. Working with the production company, a model of the church was designed, as if it were constructed by a child - except over scale to emphasise the storyline and visual effect.
The model was built on site at the studios in Edinburgh in one day.

The Result:

The finished piece was prominently visible in the finished film. Used by key characters to re-create dramatic elements, the simplicity of the LEGO model contrasted well with the gravitas of the situation.