The Project:

Paisley Regeneration

The Client:

Paisley Museum and Art Gallery


Approx £7,500

The Brief:

To promote the re-generation of the Paisley area, models were commissioned of notable local buildings and the iconic Paisley fountain. 

The Proposal:

The proposal was to create a local Paisley street from LEGO bricks. The buildings chosen would be part of a local regeneration scheme. The models would be displayed alongside the Brick City exhibition being hosted by Paisley Museum.

The model would be delivered to site by Warren Elsmore who was then available to chat to the press delegates as needed.

The Result:

Following the exhibition run, the models remained on display at Paisley Museum as a long term legacy of the exhibition display. Attracting a wide variety of local press coverage, the models formed a key part of the regeneration press plans.


Riello Figure Back.jpg