Often, our team are asked to represent a building, product or site in LEGO bricks. We add humour, life and of course a special LEGO touch. This commission though, was different - how would we go about creating a detailed and highly accurate model of one of the major Scottish landmarks?

The Kelpies are public sculptures, located just outside Falkirk in Scotland. Created by artist Andy Scott. The mythical water horses stand next to the entrance to the Forth and Clyde canal. Standing 30meters tall, they are visible from miles around.

Warren Elsmore ltd was commissioned to make copies of the Kelpies to be put on display in the visitor centre - so that visitors to the site could try to build their own landmark. 

Due to the unique structure of the sculpture, no usable 3D model of the Kelpies existed at all. To create a 100% accurate copy by eye would be exceptionally time consuming, so Warren Elsmore developed a custom approach to recreate these in LEGO. Wind tunnel models were 3D scanned by the team and then, using custom software written for Warren Elsmore, a computer based LEGO version of the model was created. This was painstakingly copied into bricks, one at a time!