The Project:

Digital London event

The Client:

JC Decaux


Approx £10,000

The Brief:

To celebrate the launch of new digital advertising hoardings in central London, JC Decaux wanted to create a create a unique centrepiece of Old St Roundabout. The model would be delivered and unveiled at a London press briefing and needed to include the new iconic, digital screens. 

The Proposal:

The proposal was to create a 1:200 model of Old Street Roundabout and the surrounding buildings. Not only this, but the central flown screens would be included with custom LCD monitors installed. The entire model would be built into a display case with a fixed perspex cover and supplied with a custom flight case to enable easy transit. 

The model would be delivered to site by Warren Elsmore who was then available to chat to the press delegates as needed.

The Result:

The model was delivered with an eventual 9 independent LCD screens showing custom made JC Decaux graphics. The model was a huge success with many members of the press and customers tweeting images and sharing the build on Facebook. After the inital event, the model was moved back tot he company headquarters and is now available to loan to other central London customers as required.


RMD figure front.jpg
Riello Figure Back.jpg