The Project:

Greenerview, Edinburgh Science week, Edinburgh 2011

The Client:

First Foot


Approx £4000

The Brief:

Greenerview, a charitable organisation, wished to create a public activity in Edinburgh city centre during the science festival. The event was to be used to publicise the plight of six rare species in Scotland. The event required public interaction, press coverage and end to end management.

The Proposal:

To enable the public to participate as much as possible, a LEGO mosaic was designed with the client to illustrate the six animals. this mosaic was then converted into a series of LEGO panels. Each member of the public would build a LEGO panel and Warren Elsmore would put these panels together to create the final image. 

The full proposal included the mosaic design, rental of LEGO bricks for the mosaic, supply of staff to man the event and staging / marquee hire (sub-contracted).

The Result:

Open to the public over a bank holiday weekend, the event attracted thousands of member of the public and generated a large amount of publicity for the charity. The event was ran by numerous local newspapers and was universally well received. 

The final piece is laid

Assembling the mosaic

The finished result