2014 marks the 50th anniversary of an iconic Scottish structure - the Forth Road Bridge. 

Opened in 1954, the bridge replaced a ferry crossing that had been in use for hundreds of years. To mark this historic occasion, the Forth Estuary Transport Authority (FETA) asked myself to recreate the iconic structure in LEGO bricks.

Building a 2.5Km long bridge in LEGO is no mean feat, especially as it was decided that to give as much detail to the model as possible it would be built to minifigure (1:50) scale!

To make the most of the available display space and to allow the public to get as close to the bridge as possible, a single tower was designed showing the famous cruciform structures. 


To accommodate the strict safety requirements of a model on public display for an extended period of time, a steelwork substructure was designed by FETA, to ensure that the bridge stays upright and static even if someone were to lean on the bridge with their full weight!

200Kg of steel and 10,000 LEGO bricks later - the Forth Bridge model was put on display in the National Museum of Scotland as part of the Forth Bridges Festival to an amazing reception.